Here is the right place to know the beagles we owns. Not only the champions ones (also presents in "Champions Gallery" and in "Imported Dogs"), but also our beagles that never been in shows or that we are working to do this. Unfortunatly, Bangor Beagles doens't go anymore to shows as use to went years ago, so, portion of our breed, even with high quality, don't get a title.

Bangor Danses Gothiques

Bangor Amore Eterno E Fe

Bangor Anna von Koeln
Bangor Bocaccio
Bangor Chosen One
Bangor Don Juan
Bangor Erick Satie
Bangor Galina Ustvolskaya
Bangor Gregorio Allegri
Bangor Irish CP Rotdornweg
Bangor Karl Joachim Andersen
Bangor Kindly vom Rotdornweg
Bangor La Revoltosa
Bangor Le Tourbillon
Bangor Lucia Di Lammemoor
Bangor Manuel De Falla
Bangor Serenade DŽAmour
Bangor Serenade Melancolique
Bangor The Sleeping Princess
Bangor Twenty Danish Songs
Br.Ch .Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch. Int.Ch. Bangor El Amor Brujo
Br.Ch.  Bangor Mercure
Br.Ch. Bangor The Kiss Of The Earth
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Arg.Ch. Pan.Ch. Pan.Gr.Ch. Int.Ch.  Bangor Igor Stravinky
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Bangor Yesterday Wet Me
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch  Bangor Anton Bruckner
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch. Bangor Billy The Kid
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch. Bangor Bohemian Danish Folktune
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch. Bangor Carl Nielsen
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch. Bangor Ten Little Danish Songs
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch. Bangor The Danish Songs
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch. Pan.Gr.Ch. Int.Ch  Bangor Capriccio Spagnol
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Pan.Ch. Pan.Gr.Ch. Int.Ch  Bangor The Force of Love
Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch.Pan.Ch.I nt.Ch.  Bangor Giacomo Puccini
Br.Jr. Ch.Br.Ch. Br.Gr.Ch. Bangor Le Chant Des Titans