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Breeding For Quality Since 1977

Welcome to Bangor Beagles. Located in So Paulo, Brazil, we proof possible to breed quality in any place of the world. Know some of our History, visit our Champions Gallery where you will have a notion of the development of our lines as well as of the continuos work to maintain a high level of type and soundness. In Imported dogs you will find a list of some dogs that where brought over to our kennel in the past twenty years. Check out our actual Stock. Take a look what a drop of Bangor Bloodline can do and the influence of our breeding has made in kennels all over the world. You can read in News all important novelties related to Bangor Beagles and can keep an eye on our new dogs. Last but not least you can see our Litters, available and futures.


25 years and 600 beagles after... we still do what we like.


Bangor - The Best Brazilian Kennel all Breeds ( Ranking ACB '98 and '99)

Bangor - The Best Brazilian Kennel Beagle Ranking CBKC-FCI 2001

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